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30 Seconds To Mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars´ newest album title ´ This Is War ´ is more than a just a reference to the band´s personal battles, a commentary on global crises and economic turmoil and homage to their now infamous $30,000,000 lawsuit with Virgin Records. This Is War also represents the result of an 18-month creative battle, fought ferociously, but privately, inside a studio built into the side of a house tucked away in the Hollywood Hills. The result: a triumphant, sonically epic game-changer that builds on the vision laid out in their 2002 self-titled debut and 2005´s multi-platinum A Beautiful Lie. This Is War is a major leap forward for Thirty Seconds to Mars, one that cements the trio (lead singer and guitarist Jared Leto, drummer Shannon Leto and guitarist Tomo Milicevic) as a world-class arena-crushing rock band. The L.A. Times calls This Is War ´combative´sinister´the most confident-sounding thing the band has done.´ Alternative Press echoes the sentiment, giving it four stars and hailing the album as ´an artistic triumph for Thirty Seconds To Mars´ and Kerrang! Magazine agrees, calling it the band´s ´strongest and most accomplished work to date.

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30 Seconds to Mars

le 2014-02-15

30 Seconds to Mars

le 2010-03-04

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