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As an internationally respected artist/producer/remixer/DJ, DAVID GUETTA´s track record has been impeccable for nearly two decades. Now, in 2010, his career is reaching new peaks: ´When Love Takes Over´ featuring the lead vocal of multi-platinum pop-R&B songstress Kelly Rowland, took off as a world-wide smash, posting its first national 1 charting in the U.K.; he is also the track producer of Black Eyed Peas´ rousing new 1 single, ´I Gotta Feeling,´ in whose video clip he makes a cameo appearance. And Guetta´s fourth studio album, ONE LOVE, released August 25th on Astralwerks, is an ambitious, ingeniously crafted album that sets forth nothing less than a bold and beautiful manifesto for the global pop and dance audience. Witness, for example, the phenomenal success of current radio smash-hit "Sexy Bitch" (a.k.a. Sexy Chick) feat. Akon. ´Making this record with so many talented artists was such an amazing experience and the end result is an album infused with all the best flavors of contemporary pop music that will appeal to such a broad audience both on and off the dancefloor,´ noted Guetta. Significantly, it was Guetta´s own defining and assured musical viewpoint as a DJ and producer that attracted the A-listers who make ONE LOVE one of 2009´s most diverse and star-studded album projects. Kelly Rowland, for example, moved to tears at first hearing the instrumental work-in-progress that became ´When Love Takes Over´ on the dance floor at Guetta´s famed F*** Me I´m Famous party in Cannes, greeted him in the DJ booth, and was later given the track to write to.
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David Guetta

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