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Rotting Crist

ROTTING CHRIST was formed in 1987 with the original line-up Sakis (vocals, guitar), Jim (bass), Themis (drums) incorporating a roaring mixture of death metal and grind (a style that was at its height in the rest of the world at that time except, of course, Greece). Early on ROTTING CHRIST produced two informal recordings ("Decline's Return" and "Leprosy Of Death")
which basically consist of rehearsals and are not considered official by the band. Let it be noted that ROTTING CHRIST were particularly young (around 16 years old). In 1988 the band recorded their first split 7" EP with Sound Pollution, which includes 9 of their songs! Naturally the style is grindcore as is the lyrical side (for example "Asthmatic Apoplexy", "Myxomycetes Attack", "Thyrotoxicosis", "Artificial Hypertrophy"). This particular year, the band decided to dedicate itself solely to black/death metal following the footsteps of Bathory, Venom, Possessed and Celtic Frost. So, in 1989 they circulated their first official demo, the notorious 5-track "Satanas Tedeum".
The result was incredibly dark and violent black metal, which the band themselves characterized as "Abyssic Death Metal". This is only because the term black metal was not yet established in the underground and death and black metal were more or less interchangeable in those days.
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Rotting Christ

le 2016-08-19

Rotting christ

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Rotting Christ

Méan (Belgique)
le 2010-08-21

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