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K´s Choice

K´s Choice has always been a hard band to pin down to a single style, and as a result, was one of the few bands of the late
´90s to build followings with both the Lilith Fair and Lollapalooza factions. As evidenced by their fifth full-length overall (and first in a decade), 2010´s ´Echo Mountain,´ the group´s knack for the eclectic remains very much intact. ´It´s always been like that,´ explains one of the group´s co-founders, singer/guitarist Sarah Bettens. ´There´s always been that singer-songwriter part of us, and then the rock part that stems from the music we listen to and the music we write. There´s also that pop element in our songwriting and the attention to our harmonies.
When it comes to K´s Choice songwriting, there is not a concerted effort of what we should be, it´s just an honest mix of the style of songs we end up writing. Even when we felt like we were coming from two worlds in the initial phase of writing this record, it somehow blended together into something that´s melodic and has a lot of dynamics without losing its emphasis of heartfelt lyrics and interesting harmonies.´ Originally formed in the early ´90s by the brother-sister tandem of guitarist/singer Gert and Sarah Bettens (hailing from Antwerp, Belgium), the group built a large worldwide fan base, on the strength of such strong and varied albums
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as 1993´s ´The Great Subconscious Club,´ 1996´s ´Paradise in Me,´ 1998´s ´Cocoon Crash´ and 2000´s ´Almost Happy.´ Add to it a worldwide hit single (1996´s ´Not An Addict´), European hits ´Believe´, ´Almost Happy´ and ´Everything For Free´, plus some very high profile tour opportunities (opening for Alanis Morissette for the majority of the dates supporting her classic ´Jagged Little Pill´ album, as well as part of the aforementioned Lilith Fair tours), and a long and fruitful career lay ahead for K´s Choice.

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K´S Choice

le 2017-05-03

K´s Choice

Bruxelles Expo
Bruxelles (Belgique)
le 2014-04-05

K´s Choice

le 2011-01-27

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